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Trick to Helping Buyers Follow Through

Written by Christine C.

An Important Reminder to Employers_ Happy Employees = Happy Customers

You are working with a buyer, you are on home 30,  and they have finally found the perfect home...with the exception of, “What ... is ... that ... smell?”  How do you get them to follow-through with an offer knowing that it smells? In our previous article, How To Retain Your Elite Broker Status, we discussed VAS, or Value Added Services that every Realtor should have in their back pocket for times like this.

How you, as a star realtor, deal with issues like this helps the buyer feel confident in their choice and gives them a solution to follow-through on making an offer. Whether the smell is from cigarette, cooking, pets, mold or vacancy, having star contractors to handle matters such as this quickly and efficiently is what sets you apart from the rest.

Fortunately there is a method out there that, within 24-hours, will eliminate these smells along with bacteria, allergens and mold. The Pur360 patented process is a 100% safe, natural and chemical free way to totally eradicate any odor in your home, including cigarette or cigar smoke. It guarantees the odor will be eliminated from fabric, carpeting, furniture, ductwork, and insulation without the need to wash, clean or replace it, unless the integrity is damaged.

The Pur360 team believes in standing behind its work and process, that is why we offer our customers our transferable “Purtificate” and written guarantee.

We guarantee 100% eradication the first time, and if necessary, we will retreat the property until the issue is resolved or refund your service fee. Though not a common practice among remediation companies, we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Being able to do what it takes in finding a buyer that perfect home will get you noticed.  When a huge transformation like smell is eliminated, it’s guaranteed your client will tell others how helpful and knowledgeable their star realtor was!

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